Wild Hunt

Enjoy the thrill of the being the Hunt as well as the Hunted. Frolic through our forest seeking the one you desire.

And now a few words from one of our nymph's...

Salutations Brothers and Sisters!

Have you all seen that there is going to be a Hunt? The idea makes me all sorts of tingly and I am all aquiver with excitement! *giggles* We all know that the chase is what gets the blood going, and the catch..... *giggles some more* can be exquisitly..... um.... satisfying...

The only thing I am a little uncertain about the for chase , is the woods. Somtime when being the Hunted or absorbed with the Hunting, the ability to remember where the catch is in regards of where the camp is may be a bit fuzzy. Not to mention little things like Poison Oak/Ivy/Sumac.....

So here is a thought. Lets make our own Forest! Two stakes and a sheet tied between them set across the field in ramdom so we all have something to run around and to hide behind from those Hunters. And think about it, if we all manage to bring a couple every year, soon we can have our Forest, and after that, we can start doing little mazes and grottos for a grand chase and catch! It is so much excitement that I can barely keep from bouncing and clapping my hands in glee!! So, are you in?

If the room is limited to bring some down, or unalbe to make it to your village shoppe, you can donate a few peices of those green things that arnt leaves... It is just a little idea that we can all watch and enjoy grow and grow over the years of our little Hunt.

The rules!

  1. The participants must declare at the beginning whether they are hunters and hunted.
  2. Hunted must declare to either only be chased by specific people or to be open to all hunters
  3. Hunted gets a 5 second head start
  4. There are no "out of bounds" or base ;-D
  5. Once caught, the hunted choose/ decide the reward (this can be agreed to previous to start) }:->~
  6. We practice catch and release only :D