Midian Camping FAQ

(Stolen with permission)

Q): What should I bring to this festival?

A:) Other than an open mind, and a magical spirit, we recommend you bring supplies for a weekend of primitive camping, including a tent, a sleeping bag, sunscreen, spare clothes (but remember that the festival is clothing optional!), a camp chair (for workshop seating) and snacks (a food vendor is available on-site for most of the festival).

Q): What amenities do the festival grounds have?

A:) Camp Midian has hot showers, limited electricity, a sheltered stage, fresh drinking water, port-o-lets, ice, firewood, fire pits, hiking trails, and over 25 acres of beautiful deciduous forests and reclaimed limestone quarry.

Q:) What should I not bring to the festival?

A:)Camp Midian is a festival ground that obeys all local ordnances and laws. Firearms, illegal drugs, or alcoholic beverages not intended for personal consumption are not permitted. Pets, other than service animals, are not permitted. Camp Midian is open to all races, genders, sexual orientations, and positive spiritual paths. Please do not bring firewood with you to the festival. The Indiana Department of Natural Resources is working with campsites throughout Indiana to control the spread of the Emerald Ash Borer. Firewood will be available to purchase on site for use.

Q): What other festival rules are there?

A): No hunting/fishing/foraging.

No minors (people under the age of 18) will be admitted to the festival.

Keep your camp area cleared to trash and clutter. No cigarette butts or other debris is to tossed on any part of the grounds. Keep foodstuffs contained and sealed up to eliminate wildlife raids (remember, you're in the woods). Plan to remove your own trash from your campsite when you leave the festival. We strongly encourage you to bring a majority of what will become trash in paper form as this can be burned on site.

Be responsible for you own welfare and for the welfare of those in your charge while at the festival. Camp Midian will not be held liable for personal loss or injuries while attending the festival.

Q:) Is photography permitted?

A:) No filming (camcorders, video equipment) is allowed during the festival. Photography is permitted only if prior permission is requested of anyone whose photo you may be taking. This includes individuals in the background area of your shot. Failure to comply with these rules will cause security staff to enforce destruction of all film or digital files on your camera device, and may result is removal from the festival. That said, we do encourage photography at this festival.

Q.): Is the entire festival clothing optional?

A.): Yes! Although there are designated clothing-optional areas of Camp Midian, year-round, the entire Horn & Honey festival is clothing optional in all areas beyond the main gate. However, we do recommend that you plan you clothing, or lack thereof, with the weather in mind! The festival may become hot, wet, or chilly.

Q): Where is the best place to camp at the festival?

A): Camping is permitted in nearly any suitable location throughout Camp Midian except for those areas specifically designated for vendors or where your campsite would be an obvious obstruction (in the middle of the road, or right in front of the main stage would likely be a bad idea). If you require electricity, you will also be limited to a few campsites with power hookups. Please let the staff know if this is the case. Also please keep in mind that not all attendees of the festival will keep the same hours as you! The most active areas in the daytime are the workshop areas, the vendor's area, and the food area. The most active areas at night are the main fire and the stage. The quietest area to camp is the clothing optional area. We strongly suggest that you plan your campsite according to your sleeping habits.

Q.): Is there internet service at the festival location?

A.): Not yet, we're working on it.

Q.): Is there cell phone signal at the festival location?

A.): Depends on the carrier. Camp Midian is located in a deeply rural area and cell phones sometimes work on the main field. Some cell phone service providers are more likely to have signal at the festival location than others, and occasionally cell phone signal is stronger in the parking area.

Q): What is the weather like at the festival?

A): Weather is notoriously unpredictable in Southern Indiana, but the average temperature for mid-June is high of 83° and low of 60° with some precipitation. Past experience has taught us that you should plan for all types of weather: hot & dry, hot & wet, cold & dry, and cold & wet. Be sure that your tent/shelter is waterproofed, and dress in layers. Bring an extra towel! For the most accurate forecast and local conditions, please see our weather magnet below.

Courtesy of Natalie Black and babalonrising.org